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Who yall got? GPT or Bard?
Music is a powerful hypnotizing factor. Be careful what you listen to.
If only everyone on social did something instead of complaining and wining about something, events, things, happening. Get shit done.
Everyone was concerned about the Chinese balloon spying on them... meanwhile they’re scrolling through TikTok… 🤡
I have never written a business plan. The plans always change when you're in business and it's key to pivot. Anyone who does not pivot gets screwed.

If you catch me
I'm Working.

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ANTO DOTCOM is a serial entrepreneur. 5x Founder, and digital marketing strategist.
At 16, he launched his blog and led it to a monthly readership of 7,000,000 in less than 20 months.

In 2012, he co-founded a full-service digital marketing agency serving Fortune clients.
In 2016, Anto Dotcom founded to help artists + record labels and leads the company to
stunner success.

has called him a Power-Player in the music industry and a Master in music marketing.
As part of his creative work, he has collaborated with , and

He has advised scores of artists, market-leading corporations, and ENTREPRENEURS.

Anto is a thought-leader with and frequently publishes his industry views.

Anto Dotcom believes in big dreams, hard work, and no shortcuts.